Small experiments — ten experiments I am currently running in my life

Wang Yip
8 min readMay 18, 2020

Although I like to think that I have some of the things in my life figured out, I am constantly running small experiments to understand how to improve the things in my life.

Let me share one story from my life about how I have always been experimenting. My friend and I used to go out all the time for bubble tea. You know the phenomenon. It’s a drink from Taiwan that adds ‘bubbles’ to flavoured teas. These bubbles are made out of tapioca, a type of starch. They are chewy and add sweetness to whatever drink you add it to. And there are bubble tea places all over the place. My friend, every time he goes, decided that he would choose one flavour (strawberry) that was safe everywhere and that he would drink that each time he went. I, on the other hand, decided that I wanted to try something new each and every time I went. My goal was to uncover the best bubble teas, and I certainly could not do that if I tried the same thing every time. In other words, my friend was a satisficer and I was a a maximizer. My friend was good with ‘good enough’ while I was on the lookout for the very best. Of course, that also meant that there were many times where my bubble teas were just awful. And to this date, I have not found the ‘best’ bubble tea, but I have also tried a lot of really great ones.

Here are the things that I learned through the experience though:

  • If you try something new, you cannot be afraid of failure
  • Keep an open mind because you never know when something good might hit you
  • It is a good idea to have a standard at which you can judge whether something is better than ‘average’
  • Satisficers will be much happier than maximizers

So while satisficers may be happier than maximizers, I still aim for getting better and better each and every day. With that said, here are some experiments I am running in my life (and I think during the covid-19 pandemic, this can be a good time to try something new):

Intermittent fasting

I have been experimenting with skipping breakfast for a while. I have no idea if it has had any benefits for me, but I know that I certainly feel better skipping breakfast sometimes…

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