In Your Excuses, There Is a Painful Truth That Will Help You Grow

Before, it was easy to make excuses.

  • Why haven’t you started your business? “Oh I don’t have the time”
  • Where’s that book you’re going to write? “I don’t have any good ideas”
  • You’re looking a bit overweight “I don’t have the right workout clothing”

Inside every excuse is a painful truth that will help you grow

No time -> it’s not that you don’t have the time. You have the time to eat. You have the time to sleep. You have the time to browse social media on your phone. It’s not a priority.

I don’t have any good ideas -> does not having any good ideas prevent you from writing? Do plumbers get plumber’s block?

Every time you hear yourself making an excuse, dig into the real reason

Excuses are copouts. They give you a reason not to do the hard work. But digging into the excuses will help you understand what is really holding you back. It’s (often) not a matter of time, or lack of good ideas that are blocking you from success.

Just like a symptom of an illness, treating the symptom won’t get rid of the illness

If you’re allergic to lobster and you take anti-histamines, you don’t feel all the allergic symptoms. BUT if you continue to eat lobster then you are going to continue to be allergic.

Nobody is ever going to have the ‘time’ to do all the things they want. They prioritize and say no to other things.

Nobody waits for a good idea to inspire them before they work. Successful artists work every day despite the lack of ideas.

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