How To Make Winning a Habit at Work

Wang Yip
2 min readJan 21, 2022

Recently listened to the John Maxwell podcast where John says “winning is a habit”. It made me think back to management consulting where we would work for months, putting in overtime and going through several passes and reviews, and we would end up with a hundred-page report, or a two-hundred-slide deck. As is the case with many projects, we would provide an Executive Summary presentation where the team would distill the extensive report down into a few slides.

Even though the Executive Summary presentation was important and we were nervous before the presentation, we knew we were going to be successful. Why? Because we had already done the work. The Executive Summary was a cherry on top — but to get to that Executive Summary, many hundreds of man hours were spent to gather the data, interview stakeholders, analyze the data for patterns and trends, conduct environmental scans, verify findings with management, go through many, many internal reviews, and then share the outcomes with those closest to the executives.

Just like many things in life, if you follow the process consistently and to the best of your ability, you will win:

  • That soccer tournament was won because of the daily 5 AM drills, speed runs, dribble practices, followed by weekend weight lifting sessions.
  • That promotion at work was received because of consistently delivering value on high profile projects, going above and beyond your role, and taking on the hardest projects that have the most opportunity.
  • You were able to marry your partner because of the consistent ways you demonstrated trust, vulnerability, support, love and kindness without expecting anything back.

If winning is a habit, and you learn to love the process, you will win.

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