Follow these Six Tips for Being a Better Feedback Provider

Because giving feedback in the right way can be a game changer

Wang Yip
3 min readJun 4, 2024


Giving feedback is both an art and a science. A lot of the times, at work, it’s nerve-wracking (both as the giver and as the receiver!).

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What follows is tips on the feedback process from Keith Ferrazzi and Noel Wayrich’s book Leading without Authority that will help you the next time you have to give feedback.

Ask for permission

It shocks me how few coworkers and managers ask me for permission before providing feedback. Typically it’s an ad hoc meeting, there’s no agenda or descriptive subject and I get feedback about something that happened whether I want it or not.

It’s simple to ask for permission before providing your feedback and if the person says no, that’s okay too, you can find another time that is better.

Sample script: “I have thoughts that you might find beneficial, may I provide them to you at a time and place of your choosing?”

Focus on the future

If you are in the position of providing feedback, it’s likely something has already happened. Focusing on what should have been done or not done isn’t helpful. Instead, use Ray…



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