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Author of Essential Habits. Inspiring others to live better and happier lives through better habits, work and career advice, and mindset changes.
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Although much has been said about being an entrepreneur and starting a company, I think there’s a lot of merit in learning how to be a good employee. For one thing, it provides you with income as you work on building the next Uber. And another, you are literally getting paid to learn: you learn what organizations do, what processes they need, the key people to help the organization move forward, how to manage or work with coworkers, and more.

And for me, if I’m going to do something, I’m not half in it, I’m fully into it. And from…

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Although I call this the Forest and the Tree Strategy, I learned about this strategy for generating ideas from Edward de Bono in his excellent book Serious Creativity.

The strategy is simply this: any time you want to generate ideas, examine the concepts at a tree or a forest level.

Here’s an example: imagine you are a dentist and you think there’s a market for a new type of toothbrush. The problem is you don’t know how you would redesign the toothbrush. …

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I have never put much thought into deciding. At first, I might create a pros and cons list. Or I do some research on the internet. Sometimes I trust my gut and then find evidence to support my gut reaction. So I was excited to read through Yes or No by Spencer Johnson, which is a guide to making better decisions.

Spencer provides a simple framework, comprising two areas, the head and the heart, and three questions each (six questions in total). …

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Every year, around my birthday, I like to write the things I learned, one lesson for every year I’ve been alive on earth. Since one of my recently self-published books, Essential Habits, is structured according to healthy, wealthy and wise habits, I thought I’d do the same with the lessons I have learned this past year.

Healthy (eating, exercise, relationships)

  1. Stretching is also exercise. I used to think that cardio and weight training were the be-all and end-all — do those two things and you would be healthy as a horse. …

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How would you like a gift that would help you enjoy your work and life right now? That’s the premise of The Present by Spencer Johnson. Interestingly enough, it’s a story within another story, and as always with Spencer Johnson books, it’s a quick read that won’t take a long time to read but can give you enormous benefits and lots of things to think about.

I’ll keep things simple: three related takeaways from the book that I enjoyed:

The Present means focusing on what is happening right now

In the story, there’s a young man who starts things off on the right foot. As a kid, the only thing…

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Spencer Johnson is the best-selling author of Who moved my cheese? And I enjoy two things from his books: he uses parables to get his points across, AND the books are often quick reads — ones you could read, reflect, and implement in a lunchtime.

Out of the Maze is Spencer’s follow-up to Who moved my cheese? And talks about the beliefs behind a transformative change in your life. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite takeaways from the book, as well as how I think and apply them to my life.

A belief is a thought that you trust is true

There’s power in this statement itself. The first…

I am a devout follower of Tim Ferriss. The reason? Tim gets into the specific strategies, tactics and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, CEOs, athletes, chefs and those that are at the top of their craft or industry and translates these into takeaways that anyone can use. So I thought I would do just that with management consulting.

A bit about me: I’m a former management consultant with Deloitte and EY, spending about 8 years working for clients that varied from the provincial government to oil and gas, to consumer businesses and agriculture. …

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Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger is an amazing autobiography from an amazing individual. I read the book several years ago but decided to ‘re-read the book because I find Arnold’s life fascinating. One story inspired me to write this article.

Arnold was set to compete at his first Mr. Universe competition. He had put in the work, but since it was his first Mr. Universe competition and he was young, he thought the best result he could achieve was placing in the top few. During the competition, although he didn’t think he initially had a shot at winning, there was…

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When I was young, paramedics came into our school to talk about their job. Although I don’t remember 99% of what they told us, I do remember one thing. The paramedic said that if you watch paramedics in an emergency, they never run. They walk briskly, but never break into a full run. The worst thing could be happening, but they walk quickly.

Of course, we all wondered why.

The reason, the paramedic explained, is when you run, your heart starts beating quickly and you feel like you have to act or make decisions quickly. And when you are rushed…

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Nir Eyal, the best-selling author of Hooked, decides to focus on the opposite side of the coin with his newest book Indistractable. Hooked is about how people can form habit-forming and addictive products and services, whereas Indistractable is about how anyone can build the skill of focus.

That’s what was interesting to me: being focused is a skill that anyone can learn and develop.

Nir provides a fascinating four-part framework for how to think about focus, which of course, appeals to the consultant in me. Here is what I learned broken down into the four-part framework.

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