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Author of Essential Habits. Inspiring others to live better and happier lives through better habits, work and career advice, and mindset changes.

If time is money, then money lessons can apply to time

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Why aiming for perfection is better than being perfect

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What juggling taught me about rising in a company

A simple tactic to make better decisions, generate different ideas, reframe problems, and shift your mindset

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The Reversal Technique for making decisions

How to help the universe conspire to get what you want

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And five ways to help build your personal brand

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What is a personal brand?

Lessons learned trying to navigate a remote work environment

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  • Employers don’t need to lease as much office space and can re-purpose that office space for other uses
  • No commutes for employees
  • Additional time at home for employees to spend however they like
  • Better coffee and food from home
  • No rush from meeting room to…

Five minutes and five tactics you can use to improve your emails immediately

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The benefits of writing clear, action-oriented emails

  • You save…

With all things being equal, wouldn’t you want to work with enthusiastic individuals?

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Lessons learned in my decade long (and counting) career so far

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Wang Yip

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