10 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your LinkedIn Experience

If I was starting again on LinkedIn, here is what I would do to get noticed, land a job and build my network

Wang Yip
6 min readApr 6


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One of the ways I like to reflect on the skills and experiences I have is to imagine a conversation with my younger self. I think about what advice I would provide. I reflect on some of the mistakes I have made. I think about what I would tell my younger self if they started fresh.

In this case, I thought about what I would say if I could go back in time and start using LinkedIn for the first time. Here’s what I would do:

1. Add connections

Starting on LinkedIn, I would start the same way as any other social network — I would add the people I already know — coworkers, friends, and students I went to school or took courses with. The value of the social network comes from seeing all the connections you have and being able to connect yourself, directly or indirectly through your network, to others you don’t have a connection with.

2. Write articles

I have a newsletter on LinkedIn called 1% Better at Work. I publish one article every week and I have built a following of 390 subscribers. Do I sell anything? No. Do I have complicated sales funnels or re-direct them to other places? No.

I write the articles purely because I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others and I get a chance to practice my writing. If anything, I wish I started writing earlier if only because I could build up my skills faster.

I have noticed with other LinkedIn members that publish newsletters is their newsletters helps to build their credibility. It helps to develop their brand, reputation and expertise. Sometimes these LinkedIn members use the newsletter to direct people to courses, their books, or other things they can sell. I’m not saying you have to go that route yourself, but these are all things you can do writing and pushing free content out to people consistently.

3. Cold message someone that you admire

Years ago, I wrote best-selling author Seth Godin an email. One of my coworkers and I were…



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